Are you ready to get Purpled?
Join us for our annual Paint The Town Purple Color Run
October 4th At Gateway Park
Cost is only $25 through September 15th
September 16th-30th $35
October 1st-4th $45
Includes: T-Shirt, Color packet, Bracelet, & Sunglasses
Registration  7am-7:45am
Race Starts at 8am!
Bring Your Friends, Bring Your Family, Let's Get Purpled.
Together We Can Paint Out Domestic Violence!

Registration Instructions: Submit your race info below, then click on the paypal donate button under Paint The Town Purple Color Run to pay online.

*Note: Your registration AND payment must be received by the posted cut-off dates to get the discounted rates.


Paint The Town Purple Color Run

Amberly's Place houses professionals who are specially trained in dealing with victims of child abuse (both physical and sexual), domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse. This special training helps to reduce the trauma to the victim. We accomplish this by promoting a working atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication between the professionals providing the services.

Referrals to Amberly's Place come from community services providers, Child Protective Services, and law enforcement personnel.

Our Services
Our services are based on the individual needs of each victim. These services include on-scene crisis intervention, medical evaluation, interviews of victims, mental health referrals, and the provision and coordination of other victim services.

Pledge $10 a Month for 2014

You can make a difference!

Last year in Yuma County 2,138 victims stepped through our door and began a journey to becoming a survivor. These are victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence,  Elder Abuse, Sexual Assault, and stalking. These are not just meaningless statistics. Each one represents a son, a daughter, a loving mother, a caring father, a sister, a brother, a kind neighbor, a dear friend, a colleague. Let your new year’s resolution have meaning, let your journey have a lasting impact. Pledge $10 a month for 2014 and be a voice for those in need. See this year’s resolution through; let them know they don’t stand alone.

Pledge $10 A Month For 2014