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Pro golf returns to Yuma

A large part of the tournaments success is due to the sponsorship from Genesis of Yuma. The new car dealership helped in a variety of ways to help Desert Hills create a wonderful event.

“(Genesis) was really excited to get on board and partner with the Sunbelt Senior Tour,” Smith said. “They provided signage and support for us. We think they’re going to continue on next year.”

Along with the spectacular golf that was played over the three days, this golf tournament displayed even further commitment towards their effort in helping the Yuma community.

Amberly’s Place in Yuma was the charity partner with the Sunbelt Senior Tour this week.

The social service organization houses professionals who are trained in handling victims of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse. The special training helps reduce the trauma to the victim.

“Amberly’s Place is unfortunately a needed entity in our community and other communities,” Smith said. “We were able to raise $1,385 for Amberly’s place. That charity isn’t just a charity, it’s a lifeblood. It saves peoples lives. We’re pleased to have had them as our partner.”

Desert Hills will be having another partnership with Amberly’s Place during its “Million Dollar Shootout” tournament right after Christmas.

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