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Amberly's Place is a "victim friendly" advocacy center with a crisis response team that annually serves over 3,000 victims of child molestation, child abuse, child sex trafficking,  domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. Amberly's Place provides on-call, on-scene crisis intervention, emergency needs, legal advocacy support, forensic interviews, and forensic medical exams.

When a family wounded by domestic violence or child abuse calls our crisis response team, it is our mission to provide the necessary tools to the victims so they may become survivors and stop the cycle. Often, women and children come to us with only the clothing on their backs. Many are forced to leave behind relative financial security in order to flee a dangerous situation. Too often, children are brought to our center without shoes, diapers and food/baby formula.

Amberly's Place is funded solely by grants and community support. Unfortunately, grants prohibit using funds to provide victims with emergency needs such as food, clothing, diapers, emergency shelter, items of comfort, bus tickets or fuel to relocate victims for safety reasons. Daily center operating expenses, such as most utilities, along with fuel costs for our on-scene crisis response advocates, are also not grant-funded. For these expenses we rely solely on the community through fundraising and donations. Each can of formula, each pack of diapers given to a victim comes from the generosity of our community members. Each act of kindness a victim receives empowers him/her to become a survivor. Not only are we providing basic human necessities, we are sending the message to a victim that he/she is cared for. This is vital in the path to healing.

"Amberly's Place will treat victims with dignity and respect while minimizing trauma and maximizing successful criminal prosecution."

Most of us are struggling financially more today than in years past, and all of us are tightening our budgets and trying to stretch a dollar as far as possible. As a 501C3 non-profit organization, getting the most out of each donation dollar is our constant objective; however, we can't spend what we don't have. Last year we asked for help and our community stepped up and demonstrated just how generous it can be, with over 200 people pledging $10 per month. With increasing rise in calls to service, we are asking our generous donors to continue with their support. Helping those in need does not have to be a financial burden. Just a donation of $10 a month will make a difference. Amberly's Place is gearing up for another year of service to victims of violence in 2022. We cannot do it without your continued community support. Pledge $10 a month for 2022. Together, we can make a difference.

Click here to request self addressed envelopes and donations coupons


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