About Amberly's Place

One of the main focuses of Amberly's Place is to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the victims who are referred here. From the second they walk through the door, we want to make them feel safe again.

Focus on the Victim

Each room at Amberly's Place serves a specific purpose. From the second a victim walks through our doors, we want them to feel safe again. Crisis response advocates inform the victim of their victim's rights, and offer immediate crisis counseling. They also coordinate the forensic medical exam, and the law enforcement interview process. Additional duties include dealing with basic needs, such as supervising children during the process, and meeting needs for food and emergency shelter.

Minimizing victim trauma while going through the medical exam and law enforcement interview process is another focus of Amberly's Place. By providing the proper equipment and facilities for these two fields to work together at our center, the victim spends less time traveling and waiting, and evidence is collected more efficiently. This leads to a better experience for the victim, and a higher conviction rate for offenders.

Medical Forensics, Law Enforcement Working Together

Without Amberly's Place, each victim could wait hours in a hospital to be examined by doctors who may not have forensic evidence collection training. The victim would then have to be tranported to the local police station, and give their statements. This process can be extremely traumatic when compounded with the actual crime experience they have just survived. Amberly's Place minimizes the trauma, and helps medical and law enforcement personnel work together, efficiently.

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